Delivering Best of Breed Media Buyer and Digital Marketing Platforms of Tomorrow

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Delivering Best of Breed Media Buyer and Digital Marketing Platforms of Tomorrow

Look At Me Ventures brings together decades of media buying, and Internet advertising executive-level expertise fused with a cutting-edge technology team led by a Fortune 500 chief architect as the foundation. The result is (DM)2.

Why build your system to run your media buy company or division when (DM)2 provides a best of breed media buy platform that serves the most intricate details. It helps firms ranging from large agencies to in house media buy divisions. The platform offers a solution from client and campaign creation through white-labeled performance reporting and invoicing. Most importantly, (DM)2 integrates your media buy performance metrics across all of your media channels integrates your media buy performance metrics across all your media channels, including but not limited to Google AdSense, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, DoubleClick, and LinkedIn.

These channels are presented in highly customizable dashboards leveraging a compelling and lightning-fast foundation that is capable of displaying a year of performance data in mere seconds.

Our Solution

(DM)2 Functionality


Our team has leveraged decades of media buying experience coupled with deep “best of breed” technology architecture expertise.

The result is our solution (DM)², which caters media buy teams ranging from digital advertising agencies to in house media buy divisions.

Built to simplify the media buyer’s life providing an end to end solution that significantly reduces administrative tasks, allowing the team to focus on campaign performance, optimization, and profitability with all the campaign insights at their fingertips.

Why build your system to run your media buy company or division? (DM)² provides a best of breed media buy platform that takes care of  the most intricate details and serves firms ranging from large agencies to in house media buy divisions.


A Digital Marketing Dashboard can be used to track the performance of your business’s online marketing activities. This type of dashboard lets you monitor your campaigns and other digital marketing efforts in real-time, allowing you to make educated decisions about how to best allocate your marketing budget.

It’s crucial for digital marketers to track a variety of metrics across multiple channels, such as social media, advertising, email marketing, website, and lead generation.

The dashboard focuses on lead generation data and displaying progress towards goals, showing data for lead generation metrics and web analytics metrics.




(DM)² provides your media buy team the ability to track performance against your unique Key Performance Indicators.  

This feature allows you to track your media spend and performance against the specific goals you track to run your company. With our KPI tools,  everyone gains visibility to KPI Performance; from the media buyer to the executive.  Our goal is to provide the tracking information customized to your firm, giving your users the ability to track actual performance-to-KPI goals on a real-time basis.

With this feature we eliminate the need to build costly custom tools and  you team regains valuable time better spend focused on optimizing your media buy performance!



Combine different campaigns from various publishers such as Facebook and Google all in one set, enabling an across-the-board view of the selected campaigns grouped by a common denominator on one screen. 

Do you want to assign clients among your media marketers?  Just drag and drop from the campaign pool.

Do you need to concentrate your efforts this week with the East Coast campaigns? Just Drag and Drop!

Create campaign sets so you can focus on any specific common interest!




Our solution’s pre-built integration with media buy channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, etc. gives your media buy team and executives the ability to see your campaign performance in real-time.
In fact, the (DM)² platform will display performance metrics for an entire year in mere seconds.

This gives your team the metrics they need to review and optimize their media buy campaigns right at their fingertips and a just a click away. Our engine surpasses the competition or any in-house admin system in functionality, flexible customization, speed, performance reporting and so much more!




Cognos© is a Business Intelligence and Performance Management software suite by IBM©. It was designed to enable non-technical personnel in large enterprises to extract corporate data, analyze them and then produce reports that would help the business make informed decisions.

LookAtMe, a IBM Business Partners,  has embedded Cognos© as its BI Engine, utilizing our Back End aggregation software to provide Performance Information. Data does not need to be uploaded or prepared.

With just one click,  Cognos© will consume the performance data provided automatically by (DM)² and will generate new data visualizations on the fly, providing you with tens of automatically created dashboard, pointing out data trends and anomalies that are many times missed by a human eye.



To complete the process, (DM)² provides an end to end campaign-to-invoice solution with integration to key invoicing platforms with pre-built integration to major accounting platforms such as QuickBooks and more. If your platform is not integrated with our solution, our expert team will work with your team to build an accounting integration as customization unique to your organization. Our technology team is continuously upgrading (DM)² to expand our capabilities with new pre-built integrations as our clients’ needs demand.

The end result is a complete solution to boost your media buy team’s performance and provide visibility from client setup to billing. We are confident that our solution will not only meet your requirements, but will exceed your expectations!




Your final solution will cater to your requirements and will integrate all of your media buy campaign performance at a glance while eliminating time wasted on administrative tasks allowing you to spend more time in real-time campaign decision making.

The final result is campaigns that skyrocket beyond your competitors’ performance with the absolute maximization of every dollar in your media buy budgets!



Our Team

Look At Me Ventures Difference

Look At Me Ventures brings a team of experts ranging from an executive team with decades of digital agency leadership and expertise building in house media buy “administrative” systems, to technical architects with decades of experience developing media buy platforms and architecting deep “big data” solutions, rounded out with a global team of business and marketing experts to work with your team to build your intelligent dream media buy platform.

Georges Cordoba | CTO

Georges is responsible for establishing Look At Me’s technical vision and leading all aspects of the company’s technology development, playing an integral role in the company’s strategic direction, development, and future growth.

Rafael Márquez | Architect

Rafael is a Co-founder of Look At Me and the Architect of the (DM)2 solution. He is responsible for all technical aspects of the company, determining everything from design choices to technical standards, such as platforms and coding standards.

Jesse J. Lo Ré | CMO

Jesse is a highly skilled interactive advertising executive with expertise in multi-channel Internet advertising, media buy strategy, content strategy, business development, finance, operations and technology.

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For any questions or to get more information on how Look At Me Ventures can help you achieve your business vision, please contact us at 786-899-0504 or via e-mail at


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“lookatme Ventures provides the focused technology expertise, yet is flexible to successfully lead a diverse team of both internal and external resources”.
Doug Jones
Royal Caribbean Cruises
“lookatme Ventures provides the focused technology expertise, yet is flexible to successfully lead a diverse team of both internal and external resources”.
Doug Jones
Royal Caribbean Cruises

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